How to fold a Common Tent for Transport

Compiled by John U. Rees, © 2002

Illustrations from Was ist jedem Officier waehrend eines Feldzugs zu wissen noethig (trans., "What it is necessary for each officer to know during a campaign") (Carlsruhe, 1788) Mit zehen Kupferplatten (trans. "with ten copper plates"), plan 5. See also, Stephen Gilbert and Radford Polinsky, “Applying Tent Markings,” The Brigade Dispatch, vol. XXIX, no. 3 (Autumn 1999).

Step 1: Lay the tent flat, bell to the left, front flaps to the right-

Step 2: Fold the bell from the left, and flaps from the right, making a rectangle--

Step 3: Fold the bottom edge to the middle, and top edge down to meet the bottom edge--

Step 4: fold the left and right ends into the middle--

Step 5: disassemble the tent poles--

Step 6: bundle the poles and ropes--

Step7: place the bundled poles in the center of the tent and roll, tying with one of the ropes--