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A work such as this is obviously the result of far more than the efforts of the two Index compilers. Having been more than five years in planning, development and its completion, and integrating the holdings of scores of public and private institutions, the current Index website reflects the contributions of many people. Without the assistance and cooperation of these people, this Index would have never been possible. In providing recognition of those institutions and persons noted below, we would surely wish to also acknowledge the contributions of others not specifically cited. Many institutions were surveyed which do not have orderly books within their collections, and their courtesy and responsive participation are here gratefully recognized. While many superbly professional curators and archivists assisted in the efforts which yielded the Index in its present form, any and all errors of fact and composition remain exclusively the responsibility of the two site compilers.

With regard to those institutions principally supportive of the survey of their orderly book collections, the following are extended our most sincere appreciation:

At the American Antiquarian Society, our thanks for the consistently reliable and always timely support of Thomas Knoles and Susan Motyka.

For providing access to the wide range of resources of the Boston Public Library, we sincerely thank Roberta Zonghi.

For exceptional cooperation and courtesy, our thanks are extended to Mott R. Linn, Jr. at Clark University Library.

At the William L. Clements Library, unqualified support and ongoing encouragement have been extended by Rob Cox and Rachel K. Onuf.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to Leslie Perrin Wilson of the Concord Free Public Library.

The extensive resources of the Connecticut Historical Society have been freely and courteously made available by Martha H. Smart.

At the Connecticut State Library, the helpful support of Dr. Mark H. Jones is gratefully recognized.

The incomparable microfilm and published resources of the “gold mine of AWI research”, The David Library of the American Revolution, have been continuously made available through the always kind and insightful support of Dave Fowler and his staff.

At that phenomenal center of archival and artifact studies, Fort Ticonderoga, our most sincere gratitude is expressed to a true gentleman, scholar and friend, Christopher D. Fox.

Our true thanks are extended to Susan R. Perkins of the Herkimer County Historical Society for providing us access to their manuscripts collection.

The remarkable orderly book collection of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania has been thoughtfully made available to us through the assistance and auspices of Dr. David Moltke-Hansen and Bruce Scherer.

Our appreciation is extended to Jennie Rathbun of the Houghton Library at Harvard University.

The superb collection of Continental Army orderly books within the collections of The Huntington Library has been made available to us through the consistent expertise, courtesy and timeliness of John Rhodehamel and Olga Tsapina.

At the Massachusetts Historical Society, the scholarly assistance and always kind support of Brenda Lawson has been a major benefit to our work.

We are grateful to Eric P. Olsen and David J. Vecchioli for providing counsel and access to the excellent holdings at the library of Morristown National Historic Park.

At the National Archives, the kind assistance of William E. Lind and DeAnne Blanton has always made our task notably easier.

Over several years and through many questions and requests, Scott Bartley, Curator of Manuscripts at the New England Historic Genealogical Society has been unfailingly reliable and supportive.

At the New Hampshire Historical Society, Betsy Hamlin-Morin has always been cheerfully available for answering our questions and providing copies of the Society’s fine orderly book collection.

Our thanks are due and expressed to James W. Campbell of the New Haven Colony Historical Society.

Our gratitude is expressed to Jean Zajec of the New Jersey Historical Society for providing information as to the Society’s interesting and eclectic orderly book collection.

At the New Jersey State Archives, Bette Epstein is gratefully acknowledged for consistently courteous service and support

The unparalleled orderly book collection of the New-York Historical Society has been made available through the courtesy of Margaret Heilbrun and Megan Hahn.

Both the manuscript orderly books and rare published volumes contained within the collections of the New York Public Library have unfailingly been made available to us through the expertise and kind attention of Melanie Yolles, for which we are sincerely grateful.

At the New York State Library, our thanks are extended to James Corsaro.

The outstanding resources of the Peabody & Essex Library have been consistently made easily available to us through the courtesy of Jane E. Ward.

Rick Stattler at the Rhode Island Historical Society has cordially provided us access to the Society’s manuscripts and published sources.

Our special gratitude is extended to Ellen McCallister Clark of the incomparable Society of the Cincinnati and to Revolutionary War scholar Marko Zlatich for his expert cataloging of the Society’s orderly book collection. The efforts and enthusiasm of both these courteous professionals has resulted in the first example of application of this index’s protocols to the cataloging of an institutional orderly book archive, and we are immensely proud of that adoption.

At the library of the United States Military Academy, Alan Aimone, Suzanne Christoff, Susan Lintelmann and Judy Sibley have, without exception, provided services beyond our expectations.

Our grateful appreciation is extended to Lee Boyle of the Valley Forge National Historic Park for his reliable counsel and enthusiastic support.

We are sincerely grateful to the Valley Forge Historical Society for extending cordial permission for the use of the superb Trego painting used on the site's homepage.

At the Virginia Historical Society, our sincere gratitude is extended to Janet B. Schwarz for consistently courteous and professional support.

In addition to these repositories of the core resources essential for this orderly book survey, we owe a significant debt of gratitude to several true and good friends:

An immense “thank you” goes to master American military artist Don Troiani without whose unfailing support and extraordinary courtesy this website would be devoid of its superb illustrations of the Continental Army’s officers and enlisted men. Please visit his excellent website gallery.

Our gratitude is extended to Ray Najecki for his enthusiastic support and his unrestricted permission for us to use a number of his uniform button illustrations upon which to base our interpretations.

Among the small community of truly superior Continental Army scholars, Steve Gilbert deservedly ranks high in expertise. Add to that his cordial enthusiasm to share the results of his research, particularly with regard to the New York Line, and one can clearly understand the gratitude which we hereby extend.

Our sincere appreciation to James Brenner for pointing us toward the published copies of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment orderly books.

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